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Preserving A Child’s Tooth When Treating Infection

Shirley, NY, Tooth Infection

It can break your heart to see your little one experience chronic tooth pain. When your child lets you know about an ache, call us right away. This common symptom often indicates an infection within the inner pulp of the tooth. Without treatment, a tooth infection could enter the bloodstream and spread to other parts… Read more »

Helping Children Enjoy Healthy Smiles

Shirley, NY, Healthy Smiles

The habits we learn at a young age can set us up for success in adulthood. When it comes to healthy smiles, introducing your little one to regular dental care establishes the importance of daily brushing and flossing. Kids who know they have upcoming dental visits know they need to take care of their smiles…. Read more »

Identifying And Treating Tooth Decay

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A primary concern for children’s smiles is preventing or treating tooth decay before it can significantly harm them. By preserving their baby teeth until it is the appropriate time to fall out, your child’s jaw grows appropriately. However, decay that leads to early extractions or damaged teeth can greatly affect their development. By spotting the… Read more »

Your Child’s Next Dental Checkup

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Do you stay on top of your little one’s dental examination schedule? By bringing them to the dentist every six months, we can clean your child’s teeth and monitor the development of their smile. Because children are learning the healthy habits that set them up for a lifetime of success, these visits are critical to… Read more »

Removing A Child’s Cavity

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Teaching young children the importance of maintaining healthy smiles is a cornerstone of their development. This is why regular cleanings and checkups from an early age help them adopt daily oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing their teeth. When they discuss their practices at the end of their dental checkup, they know which parts… Read more »

Recognizing The Signs Of Tooth Decay

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When you learn to spot the symptoms of tooth decay, you can better help your child take care of their smile. Because little ones are still developing their brushing and flossing skills, we must stress the importance of regularly removing plaque without skipping hygiene sessions. If your child wakes up with a pain in one… Read more »

We Offer Robust Dental Care For Kids!

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Childhood is all about learning lessons that set one up for success as they grow. When it comes to healthy smiles, we love teaching kids how to best care for their oral health with regular hygienic habits. We all know a child who can’t get enough sweets, but learning to make healthy choices at mealtime… Read more »

The Common Symptoms Of Tooth Decay

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Helping your child preserve their smile requires learning to spot the common symptoms of decay. When we help our little ones take a preventive approach toward caring for their smiles, we help set them up for a life of positive oral health. If your son or daughter has a toothache that will not go away,… Read more »

Treating Your Child’s Cavities

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Adopting healthy habits is an important part of a child’s development. When it comes to their smiles, learning to properly brush and floss their teeth goes a long way toward preventing tooth decay. But because little hands are still mastering their hygienic skills, cavities can form from time to time. By taking your child to… Read more »

Preparing Your Child For A New School Year

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Your children will soon be heading back to school! You’ll be getting them ready by buying new supplies, but don’t forget about their smiles. A back-to-school checkup from your Shirley, NY, pediatric dentist and orthodontist can help your little ones start class with healthy and shining smiles!