Shirley, NY, dentist offers cavity treatment for kids

In our last blog, we discussed preventive measures that can help prevent tooth decay for kids. A proper oral hygiene routine, regular checkups, and additional barriers like sealants or fluoride can help reduce the chances of a cavity forming. If a cavity does form, though, necessary treatments will need to be scheduled as soon as possible to restore the affected tooth. Your Shirley, NY, dentist offers options like dental fillings or pulpotomies for kids depending on the severity of the cavity.

Dental Fillings Can Treat Tooth Decay

You should bring your child in for a dental checkup every six months. During this visit, the team can clean their teeth and check for potential concerns like decay, gingivitis, and more. If a cavity is spotted, their dentist will likely recommend that a dental filling is scheduled soon to treat the area. Dental fillings are a common restoration done to stop the progression of decay and restore their tooth. The damaged area will be gently removed, the area will be cleaned, and a stronger material will be added in its place.

The type of material used for this process will depend on where it is placed. For instance, back molars need a stronger material to withstand pressure from chewing. Metal may be used for these teeth because it is strong and durable. Composite resin may be used on more visible teeth because the resin can match the natural structures. Fillings should be done as early as the cavity is found to prevent further problems. If this restorative treatment is put off for an extended period, it could result in extensive damage.

Pulpotomies Can Address Infections

Pulpotomies may be required if the cavity has entered the tooth’s pulp and becomes infected. This infection is known as pulpitis and can cause discomfort and sensitivity. To relieve these symptoms and restore the tooth, the damaged pulp will need to be taken out. Pulpotomies are more invasive than a simple filling because the pulp is the inner layer of the tooth. The pulp will be removed and the area will be thoroughly cleaned. Then a material will be added to restore the shape and function of the structure. If done on a back molar, a crown may be added for further protection.

This procedure can help restore your child’s tooth after a serious cavity. If this is not done promptly, it can risk the health of their tooth and may result in premature loss. Premature tooth loss can cause several issues, from oral health complications to smile alignment problems in the future.

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