The First Phase

The earlier your child begins orthodontic treatment, the easier future procedures will be down the road as they grow older. The beginning of their treatment is known as Phase I Orthodontics, and it sets a healthy precedent and baseline for all services that will come. At their first visit, we make a thorough set of diagnostic records to determine a course of action. This consists of establishing a medical and dental history, conducting a clinical examination that includes creating digital study models of the teeth as well as photographs of the patient’s teeth and face, and finally creating digital x-rays. With this information, we develop a customized plan to meet the unique needs of the patient. It also serves as a helpful reference point, so we can track the treatment’s progress.

What To Expect

As mentioned above, Phase I begins with a thorough consultation. The records we create are complimentary, and from there, one of our doctor’s will come up with a treatment plan and discuss all the details with you. Before we begin, we will work with you closely to figure out your insurance situation and create a payment plan that can meet your needs.

The primary objective of this first phase is to develop your child’s jaw size to accommodate the permanent teeth that will soon come in. We can identify potential jaw issues early on, so we can get a jump start on treatment. Signs of jaw problems can appear when your child is around 7, so if we do see anything, we can begin treatment. Getting a start on potential problems early is crucial, as we can fix issues before they start to affect permanent teeth. The actual treatments during Phase I vary from patient to patient, but our doctors will fully explain all the steps to you during your consultation.

What Happens Next

After the first phase is complete, there will be a resting period during which the rest of your child’s permanent teeth will grow in. The ultimate goal of Phase I is to make sure all these teeth have ample space for entry. Phase II is where we make sure all the teeth have a good spot and are straight. This is typically when we use braces. Once this treatment is complete, you child will have a healthy smile that will last them a lifetime.

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