We know monitoring your child’s brushing habit can be difficult. They are often resistant to brushing and sometimes do a lackluster job. While it might not seem important when they still have baby teeth, decay can still occur in these teeth. If it is shallow, a filling should be able to remove it. In some cases, the decay goes deep inside the tooth — known as pulpitis — causing painful inflammation. When this happens, we can perform a pulpotomy, which removes the part of the tooth’s pulp that has been infected by decay. This may sound intense, but it is a routine procedure of pediatric dentistry.

Diagnosis & Treatment

If the nerves in the pulp of your child’s teeth are still alive, we can perform a pulpotomy to remove the infected portion. If they aren’t, then a root canal is necessary. If nerves are still working, then we will conduct this procedure. We first determine the severity of the issue by taking x-rays of the problem tooth. Depending on what we see upon examination we will be able to what route to take. If we can, in fact, remove part of the pulp and keep the tooth intact, we will move forward with the pulpotomy.

The procedure is straightforward and brief. We will first numb the area with anesthesia, so your child will not feel anything. Next, we remove the pulp chamber to rid the tooth of decay. We then restore the tooth back to its normal shape. If the pulpotomy takes place on a molar, we will likely use a crown to restore it. On a front tooth, we will likely use a composite resin to give it back its natural look.

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