What Is Fluoride?

We often hear about fluoride and fluoride treatments, but you may wonder how they work. Fluoride is a natural mineral that can help repair weakened enamel and reverse early stages of tooth decay. Similar to dental sealants, it is a great preventative tool to help stave off cavities. It can be received two ways: systemically and topically. Systemic means you are swallowing it, where topically means the fluoride is applied directly to the teeth. Fluoride treatments are topical.

What The Treatment Is Like

Receiving a fluoride treatment is very simple and only takes a few minutes. When your child comes in, a skilled member of our team will apply a fluoride gel directly to their teeth using a swab, a brush, or a tray that is placed into their mouth. From there they mustn’t eat or drink for 30 minutes. That’s all the treatment consists of, so it is very easy to undergo. One of our dentists may recommend this treatment at every or every other check up, and they will inform you of the optimal schedule for your child.

Benefits Of Fluoride

As mentioned, fluoride helps repair weakened tooth enamel by replenishing lost calcium and phosphate. These minerals also make one’s teeth more resistant to future decay and cavities. It is totally safe and can help your child’s teeth stay healthy and strong for a very long time.

Contact Us To Learn More About Fluoride Treatments

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