If your child develops a cavity, they will need a filling to remove the decay and to ensure the affected tooth retains its strength and health.

What Is A Cavity?

Cavities are a type of decay typically caused by consuming sugary and acidic food and drinks. Tooth brushing and regular exams and cleanings can prevent them, but sometimes they develop despite one’s best efforts. The most common types of cavities develop on the tops of teeth and require a filling to remove the decay.

What To Expect From The Procedure

First, your dentist will give your child local anesthesia, so they will not feel any pain. Next, they carefully drill into the enamel to remove any decay and then shape the space, so it can properly fit the filling. After the tooth is prepped, they will place the filling. Finally, they finish and polish the tooth so the new filling won’t feel out of place. For fillings in the molars, a dentist might use metal, so the tooth will be able to withstand bite pressure. For a more visible tooth, a resin that matches the tooth color will be used to make it unnoticeable. The tooth might feel extra sensitive for a few weeks, and that is completely normal.

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