Shirley, NY, dentist offers fluoride and sealants

Tooth decay is a very common concern for patients, especially younger ones who are learning how to take care of their smiles on their own. Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatrics in Shirley, NY, can help prevent cavities and other oral health concerns. Along with preventive checkups, extra measures like fluoride and sealants can defend your little one’s pearly whites from decay.

Checkups Can Help Establish Proper Oral Hygiene Care

The first visit is used to get your child familiar with the team and establish a basis of oral health to go off of. During this initial appointment, the team will take time to get to know you and your child. This can help create a positive experience for your little one. The team will thoroughly clean their teeth and may take X-rays of their entire oral cavity. The hygienist will clean their teeth to remove plaque and may offer tips for better hygiene if your young one seems to miss certain spots. A checkup is also a great opportunity for you or your kid to ask any questions about their oral hygiene routine.

Fluoride Treatments And Sealants Protect Their Teeth

Cavities are a common problem for all patients. Younger patients especially may be at risk of tooth decay. This is due to a combination of their diets and inadequate oral hygiene as they learn how to properly care for their smiles. Fluoride treatments and sealants can provide them with an extra boost of protection against decay. Fluoride treatments can be applied topically after their cleaning. It will be applied as a gel directly to their teeth. Your child may need to avoid eating or drinking for about thirty minutes after having this done. Sealants are also an extra barrier that can be used. A thin layer of resin is applied to the teeth, usually the back molars, to prevent food particles from getting stuck in the grooves and hardening into plaque.

Fillings Can Restore Smiles After Tooth Decay

It’s likely that your child will get a cavity at least once. Biannual checkups can help detect them early so that they can be treated promptly. If your little one does have a cavity, a simple dental filling can help treat it and restore their tooth. The damaged part of the tooth will be removed and a material like composite resin will be added. This restoration should be done as soon as possible to avoid the cavity from worsening. In more serious cases of decay, they may need a root canal or could lose their tooth.

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