their first visit shirley nyYour child’s initial time at the dental office is a momentous occasion for any parent, and their first visit is something that needs to happen on a timeline. The general recommendation is that children need to see an oral healthcare professional once they have received their first tooth or after their birthday, whichever comes first, and even though they will lose this initial set of teeth, it is important to get them on the right track. When it is time to head to the dentist for your little one’s first visit, make sure that they view the experience in the right way.

With our team of helpful and caring pediatric dental professionals in Shirley, NY, you can set them up for a lifetime of dental success. Their oral health habits start at an early age, and we are here to help them grow into a happy and healthy smile. As they develop new teeth, our team is here to help them learn how to care for them and why it is important to keep an eye on the health of their mouth. If it is time for their first trip to the dentist, give us a call and schedule their visit today!

It’s Just Their Baby Teeth. Why Do They Need To See The Dentist?

For many parents, the idea of having their child see the dentist just does not seem that important. After all, if they are going to lose this set of teeth anyway, is there all that much reason to worry that much about them?

While this might seem like a reasonable thing to think, your child needs to see the dentist, and they need to stick to their schedule of dental cleanings and examinations throughout their childhood. Their first set of teeth serve as a roadmap for the adult ones that come later, and if they lose their baby teeth prematurely, it can lead to misalignment. Their dental habits also start early, and you want them to understand the value of quality oral health maintenance.

What To Expect At Their First Visit In The Office

Here at our office in Shirley, NY, we know that it is important for children to enjoy their time at the dentist. Spending time with an oral health provider is not a chore, it is an opportunity to learn how to better care for personal health, and we want your little one to have fun while they are here. Make sure they ask all of their questions about their smiles while they are in the office!

Schedule Their Appointment At With Our Shirley, NY Pediatric Dental Team

If it is time for their first visit to the dentist, talk to our team about making an appointment. To find out more, give us a call at Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatrics today at 631.399.1600!