oral health shirley nyWhen thinking about your little one’s smile, it can be easy to overlook some of their oral health risks. After all, since they are going to lose their first set of teeth anyway, you might think that you can let things slide whenever they do not want to brush and floss. But their baby teeth play an important role in their development. They create a pathway for their adult teeth to follow, and when they prematurely lose one of their teeth, it can affect their alignment, requiring orthodontic care down the line.

With your local Shirley, NY pediatric dentist and orthodontist, you can keep an eye on their dental wellness as they learn to care for themselves. They need the right information about how to maintain their smile, and we can help them to develop positive dental habits. Just like you do, your kids need to see the dentist at least twice each year, so if it has been a while since their semiannual dental checkup, call our office and schedule an appointment with our team!

Their Dental Checkups Are An Important Part Of Their Development

How long has it been since your child saw the dentist for a checkup? If it has been longer than six months, then it is time to call the office to make an appointment. This is how often most children need to see the dentist; some require more frequent visits due to certain concerns, so always talk to their dentist about their schedule. Once you have been given a treatment plan, stick to those directions.

Even though it is their first set of teeth, you need to pay attention to their dental timeline. By keeping them close to the dentist, you can give them a head start when learning about their oral health. Their dental habits start at an early age, so make sure that they have the tools they need to properly brush and floss. They will thank you when they’re older!

Your Child Needs Quality Oral Health Education

When you keep your child on a strict timeline of semiannual dental checkups with their pediatric dentist, you help them to start their oral health journey in the right direction. If they have been going light on their brushing, we can help them to understand the importance of quality oral healthcare and the benefits of consistent dental maintenance. We appreciate being a part of their development!

Schedule Their Next Appointment With Our Team!

If it has been a while since their last dental checkup, or if they need their first visit with a pediatric dentist, talk to our team about coming into the office. To schedule their next appointment, speak with our team at Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry in Shirley, NY at (631) 399-1600.