their dental journey off right shirley nyIf it has been a few months since the last time your little one was in the dental office for a thorough cleaning, advanced imagery, and an examination with a provider, then it may be time for their next appointment. Their semiannual dental checkups are their chance to check in with their oral health team to track the development of their smile, and it is also their opportunity to learn a little more about maintaining their mouth. Start their dental journey with consistent appointments and give your child the tools they need to take care of their smile.

At our helpful Shirley, NY orthodontics and pediatric dentistry office, we are here to help your child to grow into their smile in a happy and healthy way. From their first visit as an infant through to the development of their third and final set of molars, our team appreciates the chance to be a part of their development. If it has been too long since their last checkup, or if they are ready for their next cleaning and examination, call our front office today and schedule an appointment!

Have Their First Baby Teeth Started To Emerge?

With all of the strain of having a new child, there is a lot to keep in mind at every step along the way. This includes important healthcare visits to their pediatrician and any specialists that their doctor suggests. Once they start to grow teeth, they also need to see a qualified pediatric dentist to take a look at the development of these first incisors. If they still have not seen a dentist by their first birthday, it is time to talk to an oral health office, even without the development of any teeth.

Make Their First Dental Experiences Positive And Memorable

By staying close to their pediatric dentist through their childhood, you give your child the gift of a positive dental education. Start their dental journey with consistent trips to the dentist for cleanings and examinations.

Children develop their oral health maintenance habits at an early age, and spending some quality time in the dental chair is a vital part in that process. Even though they are learning to care for their baby teeth, these play a role in how their adult ones grow. Should they lose one or more of their initial teeth to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or injury, it can lead to a need for orthodontic correction in the future.

Continue Their Dental Journey With Shirley Orthodontics

Is it time for your child’s first dental appointment? Or are they off from school, giving you the time you need to bring them in for a checkup? To learn more about their dental journey, or to schedule their next semiannual dental visit, call Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry in Shirley, NY at (631) 399-1600.