Protecting Smiles With Sealants & Fluoride

dental sealantsAs a parent, you always want to protect your child in any way possible — it’s instinctual. Of course, we often consider this in the context of physical and mental health, but it’s also important to remember that protecting their smile is a crucial component of helping their overall health thrive. It is important to establish good habits early, and there are also some tools that we can provide that will help ensure their teeth and mouth remain as healthy as possible for many years to come. In today’s blog, your Shirley, NY, pediatric dentist and orthodontist discusses some of the best ways for protecting your little one’s teeth. (more…)

Avoiding Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Kid Shirley NYFor new parents, it may be difficult to navigate the waters of their child’s health. The difference between momentary concerns and lasting issues might be unclear, and that is completely understandable. And that is also why parents may be prone to ignoring the oral hygiene of their child.

Even before their first tooth arrives, you should be taking care of your child’s periodontal health. Their first set of teeth are highly important, as well. They are not just placeholders for the adult ones, they create a path to guide proper growth for them as well. Taking care of these teeth can create an oral health future that can save time and money later on. We strive for preventive care when we can. If we can save the trauma of orthodontics on the jaw, we can guide rather than correct. Today, your Shirley, NY, pediatric dentist and orthodontist explains the importance of young smiles! (more…)