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What To Know Before The Orthodontic Process

Orthodontic treatment is a normal part of growing up for many kids. However, this process can seem intimidating for many kids. Before your little one gets their braces put on, there are a few ways you may be able to help them get ready for this stage. Today, your Shirley, NY team is here to… Read more »

The Importance Of Phase One Treatment

In our last blog, we explained how space maintainers can prevent your child’s teeth from shifting out of place if a tooth is lost prematurely. This helpful tool can reduce the chance of severe misalignment problems in the future. Other steps may be taken during Phase One to help ensure your little one’s smile is… Read more »

How You Can Prepare Your Child For Braces

Children can begin the orthodontic process around their pre-teen or teenage years. While this may seem quite early, addressing these issues at a young age can help reduce the need for more extensive corrections in the future. Before they begin wearing braces, phase one treatment can be used to assess their needs and determine a… Read more »

Does Your Little One Need A Space Maintainer?

Shirley, NY, offers space maintainers

  Losing your primary teeth is a natural part of childhood. However, when this happens prematurely, it can cause several problems for your child’s smile alignment. If it is not addressed promptly, this could lead to longer orthodontic treatment. Your Shirley, NY, orthodontic and pediatric team is here today to explain how a space maintainer… Read more »

Starting The First Phase Of Your Child’s Treatment

shirley phase one orthodontics

Did you know that we can start treatment for your child as young as age seven? With the first phase of treatment, our team can help guide smile growth to keep smiles even. In today’s blog, your Shirley, NY, pediatric dentist talks about the benefits of phase one orthodontics for children before they reach their… Read more »

Time For A Spring Cleaning

Setting a good example and routine for your child is a great way to help them understand the importance of oral health. As a general rule, patients should come in every six months for a dental checkup. Your Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatric team can help guide you through this visit and help your little one… Read more »

Identifying Issues Early With Phase One Treatment

If your child’s teeth are crooked or overcrowded, you may be ready to start orthodontic treatment as soon as possible to help correct these issues. However, the smile alignment process starts before your kid can begin wearing braces. This preliminary step is used to assess their needs, and problem areas, and ensure that the jaw… Read more »

What To Do If Your Kid Gets A Cavity

In our last blog, we mentioned that decay is a fairly common problem, especially among children. While good oral hygiene and extra protective measures like fluoride and sealants can help prevent this from happening, it does not eliminate the chances. If your child does develop a cavity, your Shirley, NY, dental team can help restore… Read more »

Why We Offer Fluoride Treatment And Sealants

  Cavities are a common problem that patients of all ages will face. However, if it seems like your little one is more prone to tooth decay, there are ways to create a stronger barrier against their pearly whites and harmful bacteria. Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatrics in Shirley, NY, offers fluoride treatment and sealants which… Read more »

Your Child’s First Dentist Visit

  Has your child been to the dentist yet? If they have grown in their first tooth, these visits can begin. Regular dentist appointments and a consistent at-home oral hygiene routine can help create good habits that can last a lifetime. As your child grows up, we can also help guide you through the process… Read more »