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In our last blog, we mentioned that decay is a fairly common problem, especially among children. While good oral hygiene and extra protective measures like fluoride and sealants can help prevent this from happening, it does not eliminate the chances. If your child does develop a cavity, your Shirley, NY, dental team can help restore their smile with dental fillings.

Why Do We Fill Cavities?

Cavities, also known as caries, are holes that can form on your pearly whites when decay has deteriorated the enamel. Some patients may be more susceptible to cavities depending on their diet, lifestyle, and genetics. When this happens, your dentist may recommend a dental filling. This process helps stop the progression of decay and restores your dental structure. If the decay is left ignored, it will continue to wear down the tooth.

Although this is a fairly common problem, it is important to practice good prevention to reduce the chance of developing a cavity. Along with proper oral hygiene and consistent dental visits, their dentist may also suggest fluoride treatments or sealants. Fluoride can be applied topically after cleaning and will help protect against cavities. Sealants are a thin barrier that can be added to the permanent molars once they are grown. These can be helpful for patients who struggle to thoroughly clean their back teeth.

Alternative Options For A Filling

If you put off having a cavity filled, it may result in needing more invasive treatment. If the decay has reached the pulp, a pulpotomy may be required to restore the tooth. This is the process of removing the damaged pulp and cleaning the area. Pulpotomies may be performed on children experiencing severe decay. If this is done on a back molar, a crown may be added to the area for extra protection. Crowns may be made of porcelain or metal, depending on where it is placed. If a pulpotomy is not done, it can cause problems for your child’s oral health. Severe decay can cause symptoms such as aches and discomfort and could also interrupt the growth of a permanent tooth.

Tooth extraction is another alternative. This procedure is usually a last result, and may be suggested if the pulp is not responsive. Before having the tooth removed, the area will be numbed. In some cases, other forms of sedation may be available before this procedure. Then, the dentist will gently remove the damaged tooth. If a primary one needs to be pulled, space maintainers may be placed to ensure that the permanent tooth can come in properly.

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