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Thanksgiving and the winter holidays that follow are a great way to see friends and family. But often, these meals are high in sugar and starch, and this could lead to the onset of tooth decay. In today’s blog, your Shirley, NY, pediatric dentist and orthodontist discusses how to keep smiles cavity-free during the holiday season.

Thanksgiving and Tooth Decay

Let’s face, many of our favorite Thanksgiving sides and desserts are high in sugar and starch. Which means these two ingredients have the chance to cling to our teeth or end up trapped between them. Without treatment to remove them, this could allow bacteria to break down these trapped particles, elevating oral acidity and creating plaque buildup. Now, the outer enamel could weaken and erode, leading to cavities and toothaches. Bad breath and teeth stains could follow, as could periodontal concerns too. Which is why we recommend a few simple steps to lower your risk of tooth decay, while still enjoying your fabricate holiday selections.

Healthier Meals

First, try to balance the items high in sugar and starch with healthier selections, including turkey, fresh fruits, and vegetables. You could also eat some fresh carrots, broccoli, and apples, as these help scrub food particles and plaque from the teeth as you consume them, and their high water content helps rinse the smile. Speaking of water, try to resist the lure of sweet tea and soda, and instead drink water to help rinse away the sugars and starches from your teeth. Once your meal is over, you can further help by flossing thoroughly.

During your holiday events, remember that harmful oral bacteria never take a break so you have to brush and floss as usual. You should start each day by brushing for two minutes, and using a fluoride toothpaste when you do to help prevent cavities. Flossing every evening is essential too, as this removes the particles beyond the reach of your toothbrush’s bristles.

Brushing and Flossing with Braces

If you have braces, you need to work especially hard to brush and floss around them!

Checkup and Cleaning Visits

Now is a great time to see us for a checkup and cleaning, so we can make sure your kids start a new year with a healthy, strong, and bright smile. You can also use your 2022 dental insurance benefits before they expire at the end of the year! If you have any questions, then give us a call soon.

Make Time to See Your Shirley, NY, Orthodontist and Pediatric Dentist

We would love to help you and your children enjoy the holidays without developing cavities! To learn more about avoiding cavities during your fall and winter holidays, then contact Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry in Shirley, NY, by calling (631) 399-1600.