Kid Shirley NYFor new parents, it may be difficult to navigate the waters of their child’s health. The difference between momentary concerns and lasting issues might be unclear, and that is completely understandable. And that is also why parents may be prone to ignoring the oral hygiene of their child.

Even before their first tooth arrives, you should be taking care of your child’s periodontal health. Their first set of teeth are highly important, as well. They are not just placeholders for the adult ones, they create a path to guide proper growth for them as well. Taking care of these teeth can create an oral health future that can save time and money later on. We strive for preventive care when we can. If we can save the trauma of orthodontics on the jaw, we can guide rather than correct. Today, your Shirley, NY, pediatric dentist and orthodontist explains the importance of young smiles!

Create A Foundation

Our children change so rapidly as they grow. We see this externally, but sometimes we may skim over the changes that happen in the mouth, as well. Since babies do not have initially the same strength in swallowing and keeping their mouths closed, they need a little help.

When you are still bottle-feeding, there are special precautions that you should take. Firstly, avoid the use of sugar, honey, or any other sweetener when using a pacifier. This can lead to serious concerns and lasting health problems in the future, so if it is a current activity, cut this out of use. This can also lead to poor eating habits even into adulthood!

Protect Their Smiles

You also need to keep them safe in the crib, as well. Do not leave them alone with a bottle, as the milk can leave sugars in the child’s mouth for hours. Bacteria begin to grow for hours without any cleaning, and this can be very harmful. Using a cup is also a very beneficial thing for your children to know. Start teaching them by the time they are around 6 months of age. The American Dental Association suggests a switch to a cup by their first birthday.

When their teeth arrive, if you notice any brown splotches on their teeth that will not wipe away, it may be the development of baby bottle tooth decay. This can lead to pain if untreated, and may even require an extraction.

We would like to avoid this if possible, as these first teeth create a path for their adult set in the future. Without these, the next structures are more likely to grow in an erratic way and require orthodontics in the future for correction.

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