Shirley, NY, offers space maintainers

Losing your primary teeth is a natural part of childhood. However, when this happens prematurely, it can cause several problems for your child’s smile alignment. If it is not addressed promptly, this could lead to longer orthodontic treatment. Your Shirley, NY, orthodontic and pediatric team is here today to explain how a space maintainer can help address premature tooth loss.

When Teeth Come Out Too Soon

Our deciduous teeth (also known as baby or primary teeth) make way for our adult ones starting around the age of six. Issues such as injuries, severe decay, and infections can lead to losing their teeth too early. When this happens, it can affect the spacing of their smile. Other teeth may shift out of place and make it difficult for the permanent one to correctly erupt. This could potentially cause discomfort and make oral hygiene tricky for your child. Along with this, it can also lengthen the time needed for orthodontic treatment.

How A Space Maintainer Can Help

Normally, tooth loss will occur gradually. Your child’s tooth may begin to feel loose or wiggly. It’s important that you do not pull it out. Instead, let this process occur naturally. A traumatic injury or infection could cause the structure to come out too soon. If this happens, you may notice that the area is bleeding or is causing your child discomfort.

If your little one loses a tooth prematurely, a space maintainer can be used to prevent the other teeth from moving into its place. A space maintainer may be used when you are in phase one treatment for braces. This process helps reduce the time needed for your child to wear braces. This can give the proper amount of room for the adult tooth to erupt when it is time. When the adult tooth erupts, this tool will be removed. In the meantime, your little one can care for their smile as usual by brushing and flossing.

Proper Alignment Has Several Benefits

After going through phase one treatment, the true orthodontic process can begin. This may include wearing braces or Invisalign for about one to two years. The orthodontic process helps straighten your smile, which offers benefits for both the function and appearance of your grin. Having properly aligned teeth allows you to chew, speak, and smile correctly. It can also help improve your oral hygiene, as it may be easier to clean each tooth when it is in the proper position. Visually, having an even grin may be more appealing and can boost your confidence.

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