Shirley, NY, dentist offers fillings for kids

Nearly everyone will have a cavity at least once in their lifetime. These are especially common in kids as they learn how to properly take care of their smiles. Preventive measures like checkups and fluoride treatment may be able to help reduce the chances of tooth decay, but they may not always be avoidable. If your little one does develop a cavity, the team at Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatrics can help treat it with fillings that are safe and comfortable.

Reducing The Chances Of Tooth Decay

Cavities are common and can be repaired, but this can result in needing more dentist appointments. To save time and maintain your oral health, there are a few steps you can take to help avoid cavities. First, make sure that your little one is brushing and flossing thoroughly. They may want to do these steps on their own, so you can supervise them as they do this to help guide them. Along with this, make sure that your child routinely sees the dentist for a cleaning and examination. These appointments allow for early detection of decay, and fluoride can be used to reverse these problems if they are found. A well-balanced diet can also help keep their smiles healthy. Try to offer your little one healthy snack options when you are able.

If A Cavity Has Developed

At their biannual appointment, they will have their smiles cleaned and examined. The dentist may look for signs of decay, development of new dental structures, and other potential signs of concern. If decay is caught in the early stages, it may be reversed with improved oral hygiene and topical fluoride treatment. However, if a cavity has already formed on the tooth, it will need to be treated with a dental filling. This should be scheduled as soon as possible so that the cavity does not become larger. Fillings are a restorative treatment that remove the damaged part of the tooth and replace it with a material like resin or metal. This helps stop the progression of decay and can help restrengthen the area.

Do Not Avoid This Treatment

If a filling is put off for too long, it could allow time for the cavity to continue wearing away your enamel. When the decay reaches the inner layers of your tooth, it could cause discomfort and sensitivity. At this stage, a pulpotomy may be required. This is slightly more invasive than a filling, as the damaged pulp will need to be taken out. Restoring primary teeth is essential in promoting the healthy growth of adult structures in the future.

Schedule This Restoration Today

If your little one has a cavity, it is essential to have this treated as soon as possible. You can schedule an appointment with Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatrics in NY today at 631.399.1600.