Shirley, NY, dentist offers orthodontic treatment for adults Did you know that we offer services for patients of all ages? It can be frustrating to have an uneven grin as an adult. Crooked or misaligned teeth may lower your self-confidence and may also cause issues for your oral health. Your Shirley, NY, orthodontic team can help correct this with a discreet method and guide you through the process.

What Causes Crooked Teeth?

This frustrating problem could be caused by a variety of factors including your genetics, habits such as thumb sucking as a child, or accidents that cause premature tooth loss. Determining the cause of your misalignment may help decide on the best way to treat it. It is important to correct your uneven smile because it can harm your oral health, and ability to speak and eat, and can disrupt your appearance. It can be more difficult to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth if they are overlapped or crooked, which may result in more cavities or a higher risk of gum disease. Some alignment problems may also cause patients’ speech to be affected. By correcting these issues, your health, confidence, and appearance can be improved.

Discussing Your Treatment Options

There are a variety of options to choose from to correct your smile. Traditionally, metal braces may be used to gently adjust your teeth into place. This is a helpful method that can target several concerns. However, the downside of this option is that it is highly visible to others. If you are an adult going through orthodontic treatment, this may not be a desirable method. Another choice is with ceramic braces. These work the same way as the traditional kind but are made of clear brackets that are not as obvious to others. Finally, we also offer Invisalign. This is a popular method that uses clear trays to align your teeth. Invisalign can treat nearly all the same problems that braces can fix. You will need a consultation with your orthodontist first before starting. The average amount of time for these treatments may be around one to two years but this can change depending on your unique needs. Your orthodontist may be able to give you a treatment estimation during your consultation.

We Offer Second Opinions

Orthodontic care is an investment, so it is important that you feel confident in your care. If you would like a second opinion before starting, we offer these consultations for free. We also take on transfer patients who may be changing practices due to moving or if you are unhappy with your current care.

Learn More About Your Options Today

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