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In recent blogs, we have discussed phase one treatment and the process of alignment. During phase one treatment, your orthodontist will help guide the growth of your child’s jaw into the proper position before the alignment process can begin. Then, your little one can begin wearing braces. Adults can also straighten their smile the traditional way or with Invisalign. In today’s blog, Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatrics will discuss what happens at the end of their orthodontic journey.

How Length Of Treatment Is Determined

During your initial consultation, your dentist will examine your oral cavity and take X-rays. These help take a closer look at how your teeth are spaced before the treatment process. They may also be used to create the treatment plan for alignment. This is also when your orthodontist can estimate how long you will need to wear braces or Invisalign. The average amount of time a patient will need to wear an orthodontic appliance is around two years, but this can vary between each patient. If you are concerned about your initial consultation at a different office, we offer second opinions. This can help you feel confident and well-informed going into treatment.

During Your Braces Journey

Braces can come in the traditional metal type or as clear, ceramic brackets. Once the braces are applied, you will need to see your orthodontist every six to eight weeks for adjustments. This may include changing or tightening the archwire, readjusting brackets, and changing the rubber bands out. A few months into this process, you may need to start wearing rubber bands to help correct your bite.

If you are a teenage or adult patient, you may be using Invisalign instead. With this process, you are responsible for wearing your trays for the necessary amount of time and removing them to eat, drink, and do your oral hygiene routine. You may not need to see your orthodontist every few weeks, but they may still ask you to come in to track your progress.

Finishing Your Orthodontic Journey

Once your teeth are properly aligned, your orthodontist can remove your braces. However, the journey does not stop here. To keep your smile correctly aligned, you may have to wear a retainer for a certain amount of time following your treatment. The type of retainer given to you after your treatment will depend on your unique needs.

Essix retainers are clear ones that can be removed. These will be made to fit your teeth snuggly. Hawley’s are removable wire retainers. Your orthodontist will instruct you on when these should be worn and taken out. There is also a fixed retainer, known as fixed lingual, which is permanent.

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