Shirley, NY othodontist offers braces Once your child has completed their phase one treatment, they are ready to begin the next step in the orthodontic process. Phase two is when the alignment process begins with the help of braces. Depending on your needs, you can choose between metal or ceramic. For teenage or adult patients, Invisalign may be available as well. In today’s blog, your Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatrics is here to explain how this method works.

How Do Braces Work?

The goal of orthodontic treatment is to gradually adjust your teeth to proper alignment. Braces achieve this with the use of brackets, arch wire, and bands. Essentially, the brackets are bonded to each tooth, and arch wire is placed over them. The rubber bands are used to hold these in place. These colorful bands are what people commonly associate with orthodontic treatment. You can choose a variety of colors to make the process more personalized and exciting for yourself. The ceramic style work the same way as traditional ones but is more discreet. Every few weeks, you will see your orthodontist for adjustments. This may include changing the bands or the arch wire. Altogether, the process may take around one to two years.

Comparing Metal And Ceramic Braces

For younger patients, the metal ones are typically recommended for this process. They are durable and can be customized with rubber bands. For teenage or adult patients, ceramic may be offered. The clear material offers a more discreet option, so they are not as noticeable. However, the material used is less brittle, so they will require more care and attention. Both methods will require the same treatment length. One benefit of metal braces is that may be more affordable than ceramic. The ceramic ones are also typically used on the top row of teeth due to their known brittleness.

What About Invisalign?

For patients looking for a completely invisible way to straighten their smile, there is also the option of Invisalign. With this process, you will wear personalized trays every day for the majority of the day. These offer the advantage of being more discreet and may be more comfortable than traditional braces. However, the patient will be responsible for wearing them correctly, taking care of them, and moving on to the next set when it is time. Because of this, Invisalign is usually recommended for adult patients.

When it comes to orthodontics, the best treatment method is the one that meets your needs. It is never too late to straighten your smile, so do not be intimidated by the various options and treatment length. Having an even grin can improve your confidence and even your oral health.

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