Shirley, NY dentist offers fillings for kids

In our last blog, we talked about how fluoride treatments and sealants can add an extra barrier of protection from cavities. However, even with these preventive measures, decay can still occur. When this does happen, it is important to treat it right away to avoid further damage. Your Shirley, NY orthodontics and pediatrics offer composite resin fillings to stop cavities from worsening and protect the tooth.

Preventing Cavities With Checkups

Although there is treatment available for tooth decay, it is important to practice prevention. This can create good habits for your child to have for a lifetime. Twice a year, they should come in for a checkup and cleaning. These appointments help remove plaque that cannot be cleaned with a regular toothbrush. They also allow for early detection of decay. If early signs are noticed, fluoride treatment and improved hygiene may be able to reverse the problem before a cavity is formed. At home, your little one should be brushing and flossing at least twice a day. For younger kids, parents should supervise their oral hygiene and help when needed.

When Your Child Needs A Filling

If a cavity does form, their dentist will likely recommend a filling. Even though their baby teeth will eventually be replaced with a permanent set, it is important to take care of the primary ones to maintain a healthy smile. The filling will be done in a separate appointment from their checkup.

The area will be numbed so that your little one is comfortable. Then, the decayed area will be removed. The space left behind will be cleaned and filled. Different materials will be used depending on the location of the tooth. Back molars need a stronger material, so metal may be used. For more visible teeth, composite resin is used. This can be bonded easily, so less of the tooth will need to be removed, and it will match the color of the tooth.

If You Do Not Restore The Area

Eventually, your little one will lose their baby teeth. If cavities form on these, parents may wonder if it is truly necessary to restore a tooth that will eventually come out. The answer is yes, it should be repaired. Ignoring decay will only allow it to progress further. In severe cases, the cavity can deteriorate the enamel and dentin, and enter the pulp. This can cause extreme discomfort and sensitivity and will need to be treated with a root canal or pulpotomy. To avoid these more invasive treatments, the decay should be remedied with a filling.

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