Shirley, NY dentist offers checkups and orthodntic care

In order to create healthy, lifelong habits for your child, it is important to explain to them why dental care is important. This should start at home with proper preventive care and continue with biannual dentist visits. Around the age of one, you can bring your little one in for their first checkup. By the age of seven, they should see the orthodontist for the first time. To help your young one feel comfortable during these appointments, your Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatrics team in New York is here to explain what to expect during their initial visit.

When The First Tooth Comes In

While this may seem early, you should bring your kid to their first appointment around the age of six months to a year old. By this age, their first baby tooth should have erupted. This first checkup allows your little one to get comfortable with the staff and office. Establishing these visits as part of their wellness routine can help your child understand the importance of dental hygiene. As your baby enters the toddler stage, biannual checkups can begin. These may include teeth cleanings and X-rays, as well as extra preventive measures like fluoride treatments or sealants when needed. Seeing the dentist every six months can help detect and treat cavities and other problems early.

Their First Orthodontist Appointment

These biannual cleanings are preventive steps to maintain a healthy smile. To monitor the growth of their teeth and jaw, they will also need to visit the orthodontist. It is recommended that the first visit happens around the age of seven years old. By this point, the majority of their primary dentition will be replaced with their adult teeth. During the first consultation, they will have a thorough examination and X-rays. These images help track the growth of their teeth and assist in creating their specific treatment plan. If your orthodontist has any concerns with spacing or alignment, they may recommend retainers or space maintainers before your child has braces. These phase one treatments will make the orthodontic process more efficient.

Preparing Your Child For Braces

As mentioned above, phase one will be completed before it is time for your child to have braces. Once their jaw has grown enough, the alignment process can begin. For younger patients, traditional metal braces are usually the best option. This involves metal brackets secured in place with archwire and rubber bands. Your kid can choose what color bands they would like throughout this process.

For more mature patients, Invisalign may be used as an alternative option. This requires more responsibility, as you will have to remember to wear your retainers correctly every day. Alternatively, ceramic braces can be used as a discreet option.

Schedule Their First Appointment Today

If your child has grown their first tooth, it is time to bring them in for their first checkup. To schedule this visit, you can call Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatrics in NY at 631.399.1600.