Shirley, NY ortho offers jaw surgery when necessary When patients are told they need invasive procedures to correct a problem, it can cause worry and anxiety. However, these alterations may be necessary to improve the function and appearance of your smile. Orthognathic surgery is one example of an essential treatment that can realign the jaw and simplify orthodontic treatment. Your team at Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatrics in New York can pair up with a surgeon to complete this procedure.

When Is This Necessary

This procedure may be suggested for patients whose jaw does not properly align. It can fix an overbite, underbite, or crossbite. Having these problems corrected helps you chew and speak better. Surgery is typically recommended after orthodontic treatment if the alignment is not fixed. This can also help patients with TMJ problems, sleep apnea, and other conditions.

There are several steps to this procedure, beginning with pre-treatment and continuing until you have recovered. Around the age of seven, you can take your child to the orthodontist for a consultation and begin phase one treatment if necessary. Then, when they are ready, the straightening process can begin with braces or Invisalign. After this, your orthodontist can determine if a more invasive treatment is necessary. This may be decided if you have malocclusion problems after you have gone through orthodontic correction.

What To Expect From This Procedure

Before this surgery, your orthodontist will take several X-rays to get a closer look at your alignment problems and the position of your jaw. This will help determine if you need to correct your top, bottom, or both jaws. Your orthodontist and surgeon will give you instructions on pre- and post-care. They will also go over your medical history to determine the correct form of anesthesia to administer before your surgery. Conscious sedation is typically used for this because it is important that you can respond during the procedure but be at ease.

The Benefits Of Surgery

Surgeries like this can seem scary, but there are many benefits to them. First, correcting your bite can help improve your speech, chewing abilities, and more. If you have a misaligned bite, you can be at a higher risk of cavities and gum disease because it can be difficult to brush thoroughly. You may also be at risk of breathing problems that can lead to snoring and other conditions. Snoring can disrupt your sleep and increase feelings of irritability, anxiety, and depression. By correcting this issue, you will improve your physical and oral health as well as your quality of life.

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