Shirley Orthodontics offers jaw surgery to patients who need it

When it comes to orthodontics, most people think about simply straightening their teeth. In reality, there may be several steps involved in achieving an aligned smile. Depending on your needs, you may need early interception, tooth removal, and bone alignment. Any kind of surgery can cause worry for our patients, which is why it is important to have basic knowledge of your oral surgery. In today’s blog, your Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatrics office in Shirley, New York, is here to tell you what to expect from corrective jaw surgery.

The Importance Of Correcting Your Jaw

If your mandible and maxilla do not line up correctly, it can cause complications with speech, chewing, and swallowing. It can also make your smile look more uneven than it may be. Correcting this problem after braces is an important step to making sure that your teeth are symmetrical. Problems such as overbite or underbite can be fixed with this surgery.

How This Surgery Works

Your orthodontist and an oral surgeon will work together to create the most effective treatment plan. We will perform this in our office so that you do not have to worry about becoming familiar with a new office or staff during your surgeries.

The first step in this process is braces. We do this before fixing jaw problems because straightening the teeth allows the orthodontist and oral surgeon to know how to best fix your jaw. X-rays, pictures, and measurements of your oral cavity will be taken to create a model of the necessary transformation.

Your specific surgery will depend on your needs. Under anesthesia, the bone will be cut and reshaped. In some cases, a bone graft will be performed to add more tissue to the area. If the problem is in the top part of your jaw, the bone above your teeth will be fixed until it fits into the bottom part of your mouth. When the problem is the bottom part of the jaw, the area behind the molars will be cut and the jaw will be moved forward or backward until it sits in place.

The Recovery Process

After this surgery, you will likely experience swelling and soreness. Be sure to stock up on soft or liquid foods like soup, mashed potatoes, and nutritional drinks as this will be your main diet for a few weeks. Your oral surgeon will give you specific instructions for aftercare and prescribe you medications to aid in your comfort. You may need to continue wearing braces for a short period after this to finish aligning your smile. After that, you will have a brand-new symmetrical smile and your bite problem will be solved.

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