Shirley, NY dentist offers crowns and other restorations for teeth

When it comes to your little one’s dental care, prevention is the best measure to take. However, if something does harm their pearly whites, it is important to seek restorative treatments. At Shirley Orthodontics & Pediatrics in Shirley, NY, we have several options to keep your kid’s smile intact. For instance, if your kid’s tooth has been damaged from an injury, decay, or other problem, we can use a dental crown to protect it from further problems.

When This Is Necessary

For adults, these are typically used if the tooth has been cracked or after a root canal. This allows for the area to be protected and helps maintain function in that area. Children may need this done in similar situations. If one of their pearly whites has been chipped or cracked, or they have had a tooth filled, they may need a crown. These may be used after fillings if the cavity is severe, and the area needs extra support. This prevents the need for prematurely removing a tooth, which can cause alignment problems in the future.

Types Of Crowns Available

There are many different materials available for this restoration, from metal, porcelain, infusions, and more. The type of material used will depend on the location of the tooth and the level of support the area may need. Since molars are less visible, metal is typically used on these so that the area is strong enough to chew food still. More visible teeth may use a porcelain instead. If this is placed on a primary tooth, it will stay until the tooth falls out.

If You Do Not Get A Crown

As previously mentioned, the best way to prevent needing restorations like this is with prevention. Of course, some injuries cannot be prevented. If your little one’s tooth is harmed while playing sports or in an accident, do not put off having this examined. Ignoring this may cause the injury to worsen and may result in needing to extract it early. Your dentist will do everything they can to prevent needing to remove a tooth prematurely.

To prevent needing a filling, there a ways to reduce the chances of decay. First, make sure your kid thoroughly brushes and flosses. Try to limit the amount of high-sugar foods and beverages. Lastly, be sure to bring them in for a checkup every six months. Dental exams allow for the early detection and treatment of cavities, meaning the decay may not reach a severe enough stage to necessitate a crown after a filling. You can also talk to their dentist about fluoride treatments and sealants for an extra layer of protection.

Talk To Their Dentist Today

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