Shirley, NY dentist offers pediatric dental care

Children tend to ask a lot of questions out of curiosity or desire to learn more. When it comes to dental care, your kiddo may ask a lot of “why” questions. At Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatrics in Shirley, NY, we are here to help you answer these. This can promote an important conversation about caring for their smile and overall well-being.

Why Do We Lose Teeth

Your child will begin growing their first set of teeth at around one-year-old. This set of deciduous dentition helps them transition from eating soft foods to chewing solid foods, helps them speak, and begins to form their smile.

They may begin to lose these baby teeth around kindergarten and continue losing them into their pre-teenage years. This allows for their permanent ones to come in. Losing your teeth can be scary at first, so it is important to remind your little one that this is an important part of childhood.

Why Do We Have To Brush And Floss

Your kiddo may not enjoy brushing or flossing because they do not find it fun or understand the importance. Taking care of your oral hygiene is important because it protects against cavities and other problems. Having cavities can cause sensitivity and problems with chewing. Even though your kiddo will lose primary teeth, it is important to take care of this first set to ensure the permanent ones grow healthy.

Going to the dentist is also a critical part of their health. These checkups allow the dentist to look for early signs of problems and teach your child good habits. Routinely going to these appointments sets a good example for your little one that they can keep for a lifetime.

Why Do They Need Braces

As your child enters their pre-teen or teenage years, they can begin seeing the orthodontist. Straightening their teeth can help correct visual problems as well as address chewing or speech problems. Crooked or overcrowded dentition can be difficult to clean and contribute to other problems. Braces help adjust the teeth to move into the correct placement over time.

You can also remind your child that this is a normal stage of growing up. Several of their classmates and friends will have braces as well, so they will not be alone. By the time they reach young adulthood, your child can have a straight and beautiful smile.

Come In For A Checkup

We are here to help your little one have a healthy and happy smile. If it has been longer than six months since their last appointment, it is time for a checkup. You can schedule an appointment today by calling Shirley Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry in Shirley, NY, at 631-399-1600. We proudly serve all nearby areas as well.