Shirley Ortho and Pediatrics offers sealants and flouride to protect smiles

In our last blog, we touched on the importance of pediatric dental visits. From becoming comfortable with the dentist to building good habits to last a lifetime, these checkups and cleanings will help keep your little one’s grin healthy. If they need an extra boost of protection against decay, we also offer sealants and fluoride treatments. In today’s blog, your Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatrics is here to explain how these extra steps can defend against cavities and other problems.

What Is Fluoride?

This is a mineral that can help strengthen the enamel, which allows the surface of the tooth to fight against cavities. Fluoride is often in our drinking water, as well as in toothpaste and mouthwash. Although this mineral can be found in our tap water, it is usually not enough to fully protect against decay.

If we notice that your little one is more susceptible to cavities, we may recommend this service. After their cleaning, we will apply this as a gel directly to their teeth. They will keep this on without rinsing it out, eating, or drinking for at least thirty minutes. This simple extra step is all it takes to prevent decay.

How Sealants Help

As your kiddo learns how to properly care for their teeth, they may have difficulties with brushing their back molars. This is a common problem because this can be a hard-to-reach area. To help with this issue, a thin film can be added to the surface to function as a barrier between the tooth’s surface and any food that may come into contact with it.

This is usually used when permanent molars grow in and not on baby teeth. These can last for several years at a time. Sealants have been proven to effectively protect against cavities and other dental problems.

When Your Child Has A Cavity

If your little one develops dental caries, it is important to have them taken care of right away. Although this is a common problem, ignoring cavities only leaves room for them to continue spreading. This can cause sensitivity when eating and can harm their oral health.

A dental filling is a standard procedure used to treat a cavity. During this treatment, the decay will be removed, the area will be cleaned, and then a material will be used to fill the hole and blend in naturally with the tooth. This will restore the tooth back to its normal function and prevent needing invasive procedures such as a pulpotomy or extraction later.

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