save your child from severe tooth decay with a pulpotomy

When it comes to your child’s oral health, cavities are a major concern. Consistent brushing and flossing can help prevent plaque and buildup from forming. Seeing the dentist biannually for a cleaning and examination can also help keep their smile in good shape. However, if a cavity forms the tooth should be restored as soon as possible with a filling. In some cases, if the decay is allowed to continue spreading, this can cause pulpitis which can be uncomfortable. At Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatrics in Shirley, New York, we offer pulpotomies which can save your child’s tooth from this inflammation and pain.

Restoring Primary Teeth

You may be led to believe that it is okay for your primary teeth to be damaged since they are replaced with adult ones later. However, disregarding the care of your baby teeth can cause severe problems to your oral health. Poor oral hygiene routines can lead to bad breath, pain when eating, sensitivity, and gum disease.

In addition to these problems, it can be difficult to stop bad habits once they have formed as a child. If your young one struggles to properly brush and floss, this could turn into a long-term issue. To help your child feel more confident in their care routine, practice good habits like going to the dentist regularly and model good toothbrushing.

Pulpotomy Vs Root Canals

As an adult, a severely decayed tooth can be repaired with a root canal. This is an invasive procedure where the dentist removes the damaged pulp of the tooth. This treatment brings immediate relief to patients who are suffering from the side effects of dental caries.

Restorations in pediatric dentistry are slightly different. A pulpotomy is similar to a root canal treatment. During this procedure, the infected pulp will be removed only from the top portion of the tooth. This allows for a less invasive option that will be more suitable for children.

Prevention Is Key

We want our patients to have healthy smiles with minimal need for restoration. While cavities are a common problem, fillings, pulpotomies, and other forms of restoration can cost you a lot of time and money. To reduce the need for these problems, be sure to help your children keep up with their oral hygiene.

Regular trips to the dentist can detect dental decay early. By monitoring these and other problems, we can offer you treatments including fluoride, sealants, and fillings to take care of decay early.

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