Dental Success Shirley NYWhen you are new to parenting, time management can feel completely overwhelming at first. The good news is that in some ways, this becomes easier over time, but finding the time for those important visits and appointments can always be a struggle. You need to learn how to prioritize, and keeping the most vital of these at the top is a skill that you will come to learn. Their dental checkups are one of them, and from the development of their first tooth through to the growth of their third and final molars, it is up to you to make sure that they have the dental care that they need.

With our team of pediatric dentists in Shirley, NY, you have a dedicated source of support in their oral health as they grow into their smile. Take the time to bring them in for their semiannual dental checkups to give them a positive oral health foundation, as dental habits start at a very early age. Give us a call to set up their first visit to the office, and be sure to stick to their treatment plan throughout their childhood!

Their Treatment Plan Has Been Personally Designed For Them, And For Good Reason

Let’s get this out of the way: even though they will lose their first set of teeth, your child needs to visit the dentist for a number of reasons. Skipping their appointments can seriously set them back, and you could wind up paying for it in the long run. If they prematurely lose one or more of their baby teeth, it can make it harder for them to properly grow their adult ones, leading to a need for orthodontic treatment. Your little one needs to see the dentist at least twice each year!

We Are Here For Their Dental Education Throughout Their Childhood

Children also need more than just a simple examination to start their oral health journey off on the right foot. They do not have the tools that they need to understand the value of brushing and flossing until much later, but their habits start early. This means that in between those times, it is up to you to keep them on the right track.

When they start to ignore their brushing, bring them into the office to meet with their dentist. We appreciate being a positive source of information, and sometimes, they trust us more than their own parents. Let us help you by showing your child proper brushing techniques!

Schedule Their First Visit At Our Office In Shirley, NY

When it is time for their first visit to the dentist, make sure that they have a positive experience. To set up a time for their checkup, give us a call at Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry in Shirley, NY at (631) 399-1600.