Invisalign Shirley NYHaving a balanced smile can be beneficial in a number of ways. Besides the notable cosmetic improvement of correcting crooked and improperly spaced teeth, there are also decided oral health benefits. When their teeth overcrowd, plaque and tartar can start to accumulate in these areas, leasing to tooth decay that can require dental fillings or more extensive treatment. If your teen is hesitant to embrace braces, talk to a qualified orthodontist about the advantages of Invisalign® clear aligner therapy.

With our team of pediatric dentists and orthodontic experts in Shirley, NY, your child can work to improve their alignment with a form of care that keeps their process a little more private. This method uses a nearly invisible set of aligner trays to gently, yet effectively, shift the location of their teeth along their oral ridge. They can simply wear their clear aligners throughout the day, improving their oral health without their friends or teachers noticing their treatment. Invisalign® provides a clear alternative over metal or ceramic braces for those looking for a more discreet form of treatment, so call us today to learn more!

Has Your Teen Been Holding Back On Orthodontic Treatment?

If you have been trying to convince your child to come into the office to discuss orthodontic care, they might be wary due to the intrusion of traditional braces. While these methods are certainly effective, the social element of their smile may be holding them back. After all, they depend on their smile for social interaction, and the idea of having conspicuous wiring and brackets just might not seem all that fun to them.

When they need a more discreet form of orthodontic improvement, talk to our team about the benefits of clear aligners. With a nearly invisible solution, they can take steps toward a better smile without the fuss and hassle of traditional braces!

How Does Invisalign® Work To Enhance Smiles?

You may have heard about Invisalign® clear aligner treatment, but do you know how it works? With this method, your teen can make positive moves in their dentistry with just a few simple steps.

After their appointment, we can set them up with a progressive set of clear aligner trays that they wear throughout the day. As they reach closer to their smile goal, they will swap out their old ones for a new set, continuing their care. They will take them out to brush their teeth and eat, but beyond that, it is important for their trays to remain throughout the day!

Find Out More About Invisalign® With Shirley, NY Dental Team

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