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Are you interested in correct spacing problems with the position of your teeth? If your smile would benefit from orthodontic treatment, consider clear aligners from Invisalign. This BPA-free system of plastic trays contours neatly to each row of teeth to gently pull them into position. With a nearly translucent appearance, clear aligners do not alert others to your treatment decision, unlike traditional braces. Because they are removable, clear aligners make brushing your teeth and enjoying your meals a breeze. You won’t have to pick pieces of your lunch out of any permanent archwires! By talking to your dentist about your options for straightening your smile, you can feel confident moving forward.

At your Shirley, NY, pediatric dentist and orthodontist, we help patients of all ages obtain the smile they deserve! This means tracking the development of children’s smiles into adolescence as well as offering orthodontic correction for those we meet in adulthood. In today’s blog, we explore how Invisalign could benefit you or your teen looking to correct dental misalignment.

The Difficulty Of An Uneven Bite

When your bite becomes off balance, it can quickly lead to all sorts of problems with your oral health. Because our smiles are designed for each tooth to work in concert, an uneven bite applies too much force to certain teeth. This can result in accelerated wear of the enamel, exposing your smile to an increased risk for decay and gum disease. You may also move your jaw in awkward positions to accommodate the misalignment of your bite. With the repetitive motions of daily chewing, this movement can eventually cause pain and other conditions of the temporomandibular joint. By correcting the position of your teeth with clear aligners, you gain much more than cosmetic results!

Creating Your Custom Clear Aligners

At your consultation for clear aligner treatment, we will scan your smile digitally to create a computerized imprint of your oral structures. This information allows us to project what your smile will look like after your Invisalign therapy. We then send the file to an offset lab where your aligner trays are fashioned. After returning your custom set of trays, you will begin wearing them in succession as each tray gradually pulls your teeth into position.

Wearing Your Invisalign Trays

When we deliver your trays, we will give explicit instructions that lead to a successful outcome. In general, you will wear Invisalign for 20 to 22 hours each day, taking them out to enjoy your meals and perform your oral hygiene routine.

Schedule Your Orthodontic Visit In Shirley, NY

Clear aligners help you improve your smile’s appearance and function at the same time! For more information on addressing uneven teeth or to schedule an appointment, call us at Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry in Shirley, NY at (631) 399-1600.