Shirley, NY, Toothache

When your little one wakes up with a toothache that will not go away, it can be difficult to offer them relief. As a parent, you never want to see your child hurt, but an aching tooth can rage on for days. By scheduling an appointment with your dentist right away, we can perform an exam to determine the nature of their pain. This is a common symptom of a dangerous infection that without treatment risks spreading to other parts of the body. If we detect foreign material within the tooth’s pulp chamber, we can propose an alternative to root canal therapy that preserves a healthy pulp structure. A pulpotomy uses special tools to enter the inner chamber and remove decaying material. By taking advantage of local anesthetics, the procedure is no more uncomfortable than a standard dental filling. Because this treatment permanently alters the structure of the tooth, we place a dental crown to preserve your child’s bite.

At your Shirley, NY pediatric dentist and orthodontist, we are standing by to answer the call in your time of need. That is why we offer emergency visits outside of your child’s standard checkup schedule to treat oral threats that cannot wait. While a standard cavity may be taken care of during cleaning and exam, a tooth infection can become much worse the longer it takes to receive treatment. We recommend against simply pulling your young one’s tooth, as they require each member of their smile to allow their jaw to grow fully formed.

When A Child’s Tooth Becomes Infected

When your little one complains of pain, it is often the result of a bacterial infection. Healthy teeth benefit from a protective enamel layer that takes hundreds of pounds of a child’s bite force, but when this layer is compromised, bacteria inside the mouth can access more sensitive portions. We ask you to report any dental injury right away so we may inspect their teeth for damage. If they require a filling, crown, or bond, we can repair the tooth before a cavity or infection takes hold.

Treating Infection With A Pulpotomy

After taking an X-ray of your little one’s smile, we will determine if an infection is present. If we see oral bacteria inside the tooth’s chamber, we will enter to clear away all decaying material. A pulpotomy leaves the healthy portions of the tooth’s pulp while helping the body’s inflammatory processes settle. This relieves pressure against sensitive dental nerves to relieve your little one’s pain.

Talk To Your Shirley, NY, Orthodontist, and Pediatric Dentist About Removing Your Child’s Tooth Infection

If your child complains of a consistent toothache, do not wait to seek care. To find out more about treating infections with a pulpotomy, contact Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry in Shirley, NY, by calling (631) 399-1600.