First Visit Shirley NYHas it been a while since your child was last seen by a dentist? If your little one is behind on their cleanings and examinations, this can be a great time of year to help them find their way back to a positive schedule of prevention. Before they start to dig into those Halloween treats, bring them to the dentist for their first visit of the fall. Dental checkups are important for us all, but they take on extra significance in young smiles.

With our team of pediatric dental experts in Shirley, NY, you have a dedicated guide to help your child understand their oral health. Schedule their next appointment for a semiannual checkup to ensure that they have the tools that they need to keep their smile safe as they grow. These visits are a vital part of their development, and dental habits start at an early age. Give them the care that they need with a cleaning and examination from a trusted pediatric dentist!

Have They Had Their First Visit To The Dentist Yet?

New parents can struggle to understand their timeline of appointments with healthcare providers. After all, it can be difficult enough to schedule your own appointments, let alone those of your little one. This problem can become compounded by the idea that baby teeth will be lost. But dental habits start at an early age, and their first visit is an important start in their oral health development.

If you have been putting off this appointment, take this opportunity to bring them in for a cleaning and examination. There are many benefits of keeping your child close to the dentist as they grow, including giving them the education that they need to learn proper brushing and flossing techniques. If they are too young to brush on their own, then make sure that you know how to care for their smile!

Help Your Little One to Develop Healthy Habits

Giving your child a head start in their dentistry is a great way to help them now and into the future. These habits start to form while they are still very little, and they can follow them into adulthood. Help them to understand both the methods of oral health maintenance, as well as the importance of thoroughly brushing and flossing. Even though they are caring for their baby teeth, it is important to teach them how to maintain their smile.

Schedule Their Next Appointment Today!

If it has been a while since your child was last in the dental chair, take this opportunity to help them back to their timeline of appointments. To learn more or to set up a time for a cleaning and examination, give us a call at Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry in Shirley, NY at (631) 399-1600.