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Is your smile as straight as you would like it to be? If you have been exploring your options for orthodontic treatment, Invisalign clear aligners provide a clear alternative to traditional braces. With their removable, BPA-free translucent trays, Invisalign is the perfect option for patients who desire a more discreet form of care. This allows you to change your appearance on your terms without the need for bulky metal wires and permanent brackets. You may find that straightening your smile in this manner provides an easier time for performing your oral hygiene routine. With braces, food and debris can collect on your appliance, increasing your temporary risk for decay.

At your Shirley, NY, pediatric dentist and orthodontist, we suggest fixing malocclusion for a host of different reasons. While the esthetic benefits are obvious, a straighter smile boosts your long-term oral health by protecting your teeth from undue wear and tear. If this option sounds attractive, give us a call and schedule a consultation today!

The Consequences Of Dental Misalignment

When your teeth do not meet evenly as you bite, a variety of problems can arise for your oral health. While certain teeth take a disproportionate amount of force, they can lose the protective outer layer of their enamel, exposing their inner dentin to the possibility of decay and infection. As the tooth wears down, this can bring the smile into even greater misalignment, compounding your active problems. When teeth crowd together, they become harder to clean, allowing bacteria to form permanent pockets that wear away at your health. To take on tooth decay and gum disease, explore orthodontic correction.

Designing Your Clear Aligners

When you visit our practice, we will scan your oral structures to create a detailed 3D impression of your bite. Using advanced software, we can predict what your grin will look like after successful clear aligner treatment. If you like the results we forecast, we can move forward with creating your treatment system. By sending the impression to a specialist lab, a system of trays is made for you to wear. Over many months, you will switch out each pair of trays as they gradually move your teeth into a more desirable position. We may ask you to visit periodically to review your progress.

Who Benefits From Invisalign?

We recommend that teenagers exploring Invisalign treatment have all of their teeth erupted and surfaces properly calcified. This solution must be worn at least 20 hours per day to be effective. If you cannot abide by this schedule, we may suggest an alternative form of orthodontic treatment.

Schedule Your Orthodontic Visit In Shirley, NY

Choosing to straighten your teeth pays off big dividends for your oral health! For more information on addressing uneven teeth or to schedule an appointment, call us at Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry in Shirley, NY at (631) 399-1600.