Teenage girl with dental braces

When it comes to orthodontic methods for correcting the spacing of your teeth, modern advancements provide multiple treatments to select from. What you will learn when you study the differences between each is that approach the same goals through different technology. For younger patients, we often suggest the robust corrective ability of traditional metal braces. This is because, in adolescence, your jaw is still quite malleable. Braces can provide the strength necessary to straighten the most crooked teeth. For others with less severe malocclusion, we could also provide treatment with clear aligners from Invisalign. With their translucent appearance, clear aligners provide a more discreet option for those who would like to keep their treatment under wraps. When you come in for a consultation, we will happily discuss the benefits of each.

At your Shirley, NY, orthodontist and pediatric dentist, we can help straighten your smile to provide important health and cosmetic benefits. With either traditional braces or clear aligners, you can enjoy a more uniform grin that can be easier to clean. This helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease from further affecting your smile’s look.

The Harm Of An Uneven Bite

While many people concentrate on the esthetic benefits of orthodontic correction, the functional role of a straight bite can be vital to maintaining your oral health. This is because when many aspects of malocclusion, or an uneven bite, can cause serious wear on your smile’s condition. If certain teeth do not touch, then the ones that do will take an undue proportion of force from your bite. This can wear down the enamel and increase your likelihood of developing cavities and gum disease. Similarly, teeth that crowd are notoriously difficult to fully clean. This means that pockets of plaque can form leading to oral threats.

The Strength Of Braces

We suggest traditional braces for those with more serious alignment issues. By attaching a series of brackets to your teeth, we can thread an archwire that provides precise tension to pull your smile into place.

Choosing Invisalign

Clear aligners from Invisalign are a desirable choice for correcting more moderate forms of misalignment. We can take a digital imprint of your smile to create a system of trays to gradually bring your smile into position. Because you simply move on from tray to tray, this treatment requires less time in the dentist’s chair for readjustment. Invisalign’s removability allows you to more easily clean your smile when brushing and will not gather debris from your meals like the wires of braces.

Speak With Your Shirley, NY, Orthodontist and Pediatric Dentist About Orthodontic Solutions For Straighter Smiles

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