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In last week’s blog, we discussed protecting your child’s molars from decay with dental sealants. In addition to this physical barrier, we also provide a chemical treatment to strengthen your child’s enamel as they learn to fully clean their little smiles. By applying a fluoride treatment, we can help the surface of their teeth remineralize to fight acidification from plaque and tartar.

At your Shirley, NY pediatric dentist and orthodontist, we take a preventive approach when it comes to protecting your child’s teeth. These additional protective services safeguard their smiles as they learn healthy oral hygiene habits. When children are little, they may lack the dexterity to clean the entire surface of every tooth. This is why treatment with fluoride and dental sealants can go a long way in maintaining healthy grins as they grow into adolescence.

Fluoride Protects Smiles From Cavities

Fluoride can play a critical role in protecting against tooth decay by strengthening the surface enamel on each of your child’s teeth. This mineral is found in small amounts in food, but a direct application offers serious protection from the corrosive effect of plaque. When fluoride strengthens your child’s enamel, they are more able to withstand the acidic byproduct of oral bacteria as it feeds on sugar and starch.

Performing Your Child’s Fluoride Treatment

When your child comes in for a routine checkup, we first clean and examine their smiles, just like when you visit for dental care. At the end of this appointment, we can provide additional protection by applying a topical fluoride gel directly to their surface enamel. We could use a bite tray, brush, or swab to help your child become accustomed to this coating as it sets in. Over the following half hour, we ask that they not consume any food or drink to ensure the treatment takes. This will offer sturdy protection over the next half year until your child visits for their following appointment. We may suggest placing dental sealants in addition to provide maximum protection against cavity-causing bacteria.

Protecting Your Child’s Smile At Home

In addition to receiving fluoride treatment at their dental checkup, we suggest selecting a toothpaste that offers fluoride protection when brushing each morning and evening. By using this product each day, you and your child can continue the remineralization process to protect against decay and cavities.

Speak With Your Shirley, NY, Orthodontist and Pediatric Dentist About Extra Cavity Protection 

As children grow, we offer additional services to help protect their smiles from the harm of tooth decay. A direct fluoride application can help strengthen their enamel to ward off cavities. To find out more about the additional protection we provide for kids’ teeth, please contact Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry in Shirley, NY, by calling (631) 399-1600.