In our last blog, we talked about how dental sealants help protect your child’s teeth from tooth decay. We also provide additional services to help safeguard little smiles against the harm of cavities. By providing your child with a fluoride treatment, we can help strengthen their enamel to resist the corrosive effect of dental plaque.

At your Shirley, NY, pediatric dentist and orthodontist, we go above and beyond to protect your child’s smile as they develop healthy oral hygiene habits. Because some kids are still learning to properly brush and floss their teeth, extra cavity protection can go a long way in preventing the harm of plaque deposits. By taking time to understand the extra services that protect their teeth, you can be assured that your child is well taken care of after visiting our office!

Preventing Cavities With Fluoride Treatments

Flouride is a mineral known for its role in preventing tooth decay and strengthening teeth and bones. While small amounts are found in food, a direct treatment can provide the strength necessary to prevent cavities and tooth infections. As your child’s enamel becomes stronger, it is more able to withstand and fight plaque that form on the surface of their teeth.

Applying Your Child’s Fluoride

When you and your child come in for a checkup, we will finish by applying a topical fluoride gel to strengthen their enamel. Using a brush, swab, or bite tray, your child will wear the coating for a short amount of time as it sets in. Following treatment, we suggest waiting half an hour before enjoying any food or drink. While the application is short, it can provide valuable protection until your kid’s next six-month visit. Combining this procedure with physical dental sealants can help your child avoid tooth decay as they practice healthy oral hygiene and learn to take care of their smile.

Additional Suggestions For Protecting Your Child’s Teeth

Outside of their routine checkups, kids can benefit from using toothpaste that contains fluoride. Regularly brushing with fluoride toothpaste provides remineralization of their surface enamel. When kids are under three years old, a rice-sized amount of paste is sufficient to brush their teeth. After age three, we suggest applying a pea-sized amount of toothpaste during brushing. If your public water system adds fluoride to the drinking supply, you and your child will strengthen your smile whenever staying hydrated.

Talk To Your Shirley, NY, Orthodontist and Pediatric Dentist About Extra Cavity Protection 

We can help you take measures to protect your child from cavities as they learn best practices for taking care of their teeth. To learn more about the additional protection we provide for kids’ teeth, please contact Shirley Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry in Shirley, NY, by calling (631) 399-1600.