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When your child loses baby teeth early, this could impact how permanent teeth erupt and lead to major complications for their smile. To help prevent these issues following premature tooth loss, we could help with custom orthodontics. In today’s blog, your Shirley, NY, pediatric dentist and orthodontist talks about our space maintainers.

Premature Tooth Loss and Misalignment

Children could lose a baby tooth early for a number of reasons, such as untreated cavities and infections, or possibly an injury. When the tooth is lost, this can upset how the permanent teeth arrive, as there are usually primary teeth on either side to help guide them into proper position. This then leads to misalignment, which could require braces or aligners to retainers the future. However, with the use of space maintainers we have a way to keep primary teeth from shifting and to ensure permanent ones can erupt without complication.

Space Maintainers

We have several different options, and will take various factors into account when we design and secure a set. The Unilateral options are attached to one side of the mouth, while Bilateral ones are attached to both sides. These can also be removable, or fixed in place. We often recommend fixed to ensure they’re worn properly and not removed by the child. The removable ones also require regular cleaning and soaking to keep them clean. While in place, be sure your child still brushes and flosses daily to help prevent issues like tooth decay and gingivitis, and to keep the appliances clean as well. We will monitor them with routine checkup visits every six months.

Treatment in Teen Years

What happens once the permanent teeth have erupted? At this point, the space maintainers will not be necessary. For some, this is the end of their orthodontic treatment. But if there is still misalignment to be corrected, we could complete treatment cone the permanent teeth have arrived and properly calcified. For tees, we could offer solutions with metal braces or Invisalign® aligners. We could even use ceramic brackets to make the braces less visible. We want to help kids of all ages, from children as young as age seven to teens, enjoy good oral health and an even smile, one that makes them feel confident to smile.

If you have any questions about how we employ space maintainers to help little smiles, then contact our team today to learn more.

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