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Straighten Your Smile With Invisalign®

If you are struggling with your smile due to misalignment or malocclusion, you are certainly far from alone. These are some of the most common cosmetic dental concerns experienced by patients, and they can really hold you back. You depend on your smile for every new first impression that you make, and so you want… Read more »

When Your Child Has A Cavity

Has a cavity Shirley NY

If it has been a while since your little one was in the office for a routine dental cleaning and examination, take this opportunity to help them back to their schedule of appointments. These visits are a vital part of their oral health maintenance, and without them, they are at risk. One of the most… Read more »

The Joy Of A Child’s Healthy Smile

beautiful and tender mexican indigenous girl smiling happily at the camera. Hispanic

When you give your child the gift of regular dental care, they build the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles! Their needs are similar to yours and require biannual checkups to ensure that their teeth are clean and free from decay. This means that regular pediatric checkups provide the same protection as an adult’s… Read more »