Shirley, NY dentist offers crowns for kids

If you have ever harmed a tooth, you may have had a dental crown placed over the damaged area. This restoration helps protect your pearly whites from further damage or infection. These tooth-shaped caps are available for kids, too. Your Shirley, NY, dentist may recommend this if your child’s teeth need extra protection to help keep their smile safe.

Crowns Can Be Used To Protect And Repair Teeth

Adults may have crowns placed to repair their permanent dental structures, which cannot be replaced with a natural set. Kids, of course, will develop a primary set which will eventually come out and be replaced with their permanent set of teeth. Dental crowns may be used for a child to help protect their pearly whites and ensure that the permanent set is able to grow properly. They may be used after your little one has had a cavity filled, gone through a pulpotomy, or even if one of their teeth has been damaged. Instead of removing the tooth, the dentist will do their best to repair it to protect the integrity of it. If the structure is not protected, it could be at risk of further harm, or it may not be strong enough to withstand pressure from chewing.

They Can Be Made Of Porcelain Or Metal

These tooth-shaped caps can be made of a variety of materials depending on where they will be placed. Metal crowns may be used for back molars, because these teeth need to be able to withstand a lot of pressure. For more visible teeth, porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal may be used. Porcelain can be crafted to appear lifelike and blend in with their smile.

The process of receiving this restoration may take a few appointments. First, the area will be examined, and impressions may be taken to send to the lab. The cap will be created to fit snuggly to the area. When it’s ready, it will be bonded to the tooth. If it is placed on a primary tooth, the cap will come out when the tooth falls out.

If You Do Not Get A Crown

These protective caps help keep your child’s teeth safe from harm. If they do not have one placed, it could lead to more problems in the future. In cases of severe damage, the tooth may need to be removed. When this is done prematurely, it can cause issues with misalignment. To avoid this problem, space maintainers may be placed in the area. This helps keep the growth of their smile on track during orthodontic treatment.

Talk To Our Team About This Restoration

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