Need to transfer your orthodontic care? Shirley Orthodontics & Pediatric Is Here For YOu

With Smile Direct Club filing for bankruptcy, many patients in the middle of treatment are being left in the dark. This can be frustrating, especially when this could affect the timeline of your care. At Shirley Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry in Shirley, New York, we accept transfer patients and strive to give them a positive experience in their orthodontic care. Whether you are a former patient of Smile Direct Club and looking for a new office, your insurance changes, or you do not like the care you receive at a different practice, we are here to help you feel confident switching to our office.

How To Successfully Transfer Care

A main concern for switching practices in the middle of care is the worry that this could lengthen the treatment process. To prevent this from happening, schedule a free consultation with us as soon as possible. We will bring you in for a consultation to assess your current care. Your previous provider should be able to send your information to us, so you do not need to worry about that part.

During your first appointment, we will take a look at your current situation and determine any adjustments that may need to be made. In many cases, your treatment plan will be on track and may only need a few changes.

What To Do As A Smile Direct Patient

If you were previously receiving care through Smile Direct Club, there will be a few additional steps to your treatment. Unfortunately, you may not be able to access your patient records including your X-rays and treatment plan. In this case, you may need to begin your alignment process from the beginning. We understand that this can be frustrating, but it will be worth your time to have proper orthodontic care. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that you are satisfied with your treatment, so we will do our best to guide you through this new process.

We Can Offer Second Opinions

In addition to accepting patients from other offices, we can also offer another look at your smile. Our consultations are free, meaning you do not have to worry about wasting money that could be put towards your dental care. Having another orthodontist examine your current smile and discuss a treatment plan can help you feel confident and comfortable in your plan. If you feel like your first orthodontist did not explain the process thoroughly for you or that there is a better option, see us.

Call To Schedule A Consultation

We are here for you every step of the way. Schedule an appointment by calling Shirley Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry in Shirley, NY, at 631-399-1600. We proudly serve all nearby areas, as well.