Reliable Removal Of A Children’s Cavity

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When your dentist informs you that your child has a cavity, you may be a little alarmed. Any problem with a kid’s healthy development is a cause for concern, and maintaining a healthy smile is a goal for most parents. How will your child respond to removing a cavity? With a comforting approach, your Shirley, NY pediatric dentist can restore their tooth and counsel your child on practicing healthy oral habits. Whenever a kid has a case of tooth decay, we take the opportunity to let them know how they can continue to protect their teeth with healthy eating and regular oral hygiene.

Taking A Prompt Approach To Treat Your Child’s Cavity

Staying on top of your child’s oral health requires regular examinations to clean their smiles and discover issues before they worsen. With timely treatment, we hope to stop cavity growth before they require more involved restorative procedures. For this reason, you should not put off bringing in your kid for routine appointments. While a child may be weary about cavity removal, we will educate them throughout the entire process to help them understand how we are preserving their smile. By taking time to focus on a child’s comfort, we encourage a healthy attitude toward visiting the dentist.

Performing Restorative Work To Repair Teeth With Dental Fillings And Crowns

When treating a child’s cavity, the treatment we perform will depend upon the size and location of the damage. For cavities that are caught early, or smaller in size, we usually place a dental filling to repair the protective layer after removing decaying material. Because removing a cavity permanently alters the outside of a child’s tooth, a filling prevents bacteria from re-entering the inside of the tooth and beginning the decay process again. Modern composite resin material allows us to shade your child’s filling to the rest of their natural tooth to complement their smile.

Whenever a cavity destroys too much of the tooth to repair with a filling, we can place a dental crown for appropriate protection. By sealing the entirety of their tooth above the gum line, a crown provides the additional strength necessary to handle a child’s bite. For teeth towards the front of their smile, we can use dental porcelain to imitate their original tooth. For added protection, we suggest placing metal crowns on teeth towards the back of their mouths. This allows their molars to withstand additional force.

Speak With Your Shirley, NY Orthodontist And Pediatric Dentist About Treating Tooth Decay For Your Child

Receiving appropriate care for a cavity helps your child strengthen their smile. To learn more about how we prevent, detect, and treat tooth decay for kids, contact your Shirley, NY, pediatric dentist and orthodontist by calling (631) 399-1600.