Over time, kids assume more and more responsibility when it comes to maintaining their oral health. It can be reassuring to see them take on brushing and flossing for themselves, and how comfortable they can feel during pediatric care at our Shirley, NY oral health practice. With that said, it can still be a relief to know that they have extra protection against cavities. With dental sealants, we can keep spaces that are harder to protect through daily brushing and flossing. In doing so, we can lower their overall cavity risks. Sealants work by providing a special coating that will keep bacteria and food debris from gathering on their enamel.

Are Your Kids At Risk For Tooth Decay?

Once you have teeth, you have some risk for tooth decay. The likelihood that your child has a cavity can certainly be controlled. One way to do this is by providing guidance on smile care between appointments. Before they are old enough to care for their own teeth, you can model the right behaviors for them to copy. You can also make sure that they have a nutrient-rich and balanced diet that is low in sugar. Your dentist can provide further assistance in protecting your kids against decay, both by providing regular support at their oral health exams and cleanings and by offering special services that lower cavity risks. Dental sealants can provide important protection, as they keep potentially vulnerable areas safe from the accumulation of bacteria and food particles.

Using Dental Sealants To Protect Vulnerable Teeth

Dental sealants are a thin plastic film that can coat teeth to keep them safe against the accumulation of food debris and bacteria. We can let you know when your child is ready for this kind of protection, and we can make sure that it is provided in order to lower their cavity risk. Applying them to the molars and premolars is particularly helpful, as they keep the harder to clean spaces between cusps safe. Even as sealants wear down, the remnants that fill in those grooves are supported.

What Else Can Professional Dental Care Do To Help Your Kids Remain Cavity-Free?

Regular dental checkups and cleanings help people of all ages with their oral health risks. By gently cleaning away plaque and tartar, we can make your child less likely to experience a cavity. Another way we can help is by providing guidance on at-home care so that when they are brushing and flossing for themselves, they do a better job keeping their teeth safe from harm.

Talk To Shirley Orthodontics About Protection Offered By Dental Sealants

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