How Tooth Decay Affects Children

Swim Shirley NYTooth decay can lead to lasting concerns in adult mouths. We work diligently to ensure that our permanent teeth do not suffer damage to our enamel from the acids that bacteria create. Sometimes parents minimize the risks of decay in children, however. They may feel that since a child’s first set of teeth are intended to be lost, that they might not be as important.

However, these structures provide an important roadmap for the growth of a healthy adult mouth. When baby teeth require extraction, the following set could stray from this path and require orthodontic adjustment. At Shirley Orthodontics And Pediatric Dentistry in Shirley, NY, we offer a comprehensive approach to your child’s smile development. Care for your little one every step along the way and keep their smiles growing in a healthy way!


Create A Positive First Visit To The Dentist

Parent Child Shirley NYIt is important as parents that we give our children the proper values in maintaining their health. These habits can help them to succeed as they grow, so the effort in stressing their healthcare is vital to their future. Dentistry is particularly connected in this manner, as poor maintenance as a child can be hard to remedy as an adult.

Children gather much of their emotional views on dental visits from the way their parents frame them. In much the same way, at-home oral hygiene care such as brushing and flossing are skills that kids learn from exposure. Be the most positive dental health role model that you can be by setting a great example.

At our Shirley, NY pediatric dentist, a positive and comforting first experience can help children to feel excited about visiting their wellness professionals. A solid first step can be the start of an amazing oral health path that gives your child the tools they need to have the best smile possible throughout their life! (more…)